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On the Giving of Thanks.

There’s nothing like morning’s fleeting stillness for committing thoughts to words. I barely ever get to enjoy that space, but there’s no more perfect time that right now to reflect and appreciate, even for one moment, how much there is to appreciate. The basic act of thanks is what makes this my favorite holiday hands… Read more »

A French Press Method

Jessica Comingore posted meaning it for a Friday, but I think it is equally compelling on this very early Monday morning. Also, mmmm. I have a love/hate relationship with coffee, but not today. Today’s all about the lovin. A French Press Method is by the Sprouted Kitchen, where they even walk you through how to… Read more »

Friday Links

+ How this blog never made onto my radar until recently I will never know, but save yourselves from making the same mistake and go to there. + I was elsewhere here and here on the internet this week. + It’s holiday time, I’m going to get me some summertime this weekend. And this fresh… Read more »