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You & Me

I don’t know how One Point Oh knows my tastes so well, but they sure nailed it with this one. How perfect is that ampersand? The prints comes as a set of two and are shipping worldwide. Thanks for sending this in guys!

Happy New Year!

I didn’t draw, design, write, exercise, or work on anything for 10 whole days. Aside from trying some new recipes, it was probably the longest creative hiatus I’ve had, maybe ever. It was divine. Work is a cruel mistress though, always beckoning, and eventually I find my way back to her tumultuous embrace. But with… Read more »

Linotype: the Film

So excited for this! There’s already Typeface. Helvetica. And now Linotype. Nerdy font movies….Oh how I love them. Have I missed any others?

Friday Links

+ Weekly work week shots from the 65th floor of the Aon Building where I spent a day cranking out last minute edits to Edelman’s 8095 white paper. Read more about this groundbreaking study at PSFK and Fast Company.   Here’s some screengrabs of the layouts:     And not to be overlooked: + Sonnenzimmer’s… Read more »

The Post Family Saves the World

‘Atta boys. These five minutes were definitely the most inspiring part of my day last Thursday. More here.