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The Films of William James Murray

  How funny is this poster? An icon for every Bill Murray movie, I especially like the Ghostbusters ones! By DKNG Studios, it bears strong likeness to Always With Honor’s work. Via Hipstreet.  

Cheers to you, Dad!

By Moxie Creative House, these posters are so stinking clever I can’t even take it. There’s Poppa Smurf, Popeye, Peter Griffin, Mr. Flinstone and of course Homer Simpson. Can you name the rest? Happy Dad’s day, Daddio. I know you aren’t really a beer drinker, but I think you’ll appreciate the humor in these anyway…. Read more »

Sister Corita by Levi's Workshops

  “The only rule is work. If you work, good things happen.” – Sister Corita.     Thank you, Chad for reminding me of the unparalleled Sister Corita Kent. This video by Levi’s Creative Workshops program does an incredible job describing her work & legacy: Images from Upper Playground.

Friday Links

+ Weekly work week shots from the 65th floor of the Aon Building where I spent a day cranking out last minute edits to Edelman’s 8095 white paper. Read more about this groundbreaking study at PSFK and Fast Company.   Here’s some screengrabs of the layouts:     And not to be overlooked: + Sonnenzimmer’s… Read more »

Printer's Ball

This is going to be fuuuuun. And yes, print does ♥ digital. Printer’s Ball 2010