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Field Integration

It means a tremendous amount when someone whose work I really respect reaches out and sends me their latest & greatest. Such is the case with Sonnenzimmer’s newest book, Field Integration. In it, Nick & Nadine draw parallels between the connection between Ikebana, the time-honored and highly influential art of Japanese floral arrangement, with more… Read more »

Maritime Incidents

Mysterious and beguiling. Photographed by German artist Heiko Schaefer, the boats were all carrying migrants and refugees. All were intercepted by the Coast Guard and Immigration Authorities.

Bloggers by Gabriela Herman

The Gloss:   A Photography Blog:   Letters to Romeo:   Foodspotting: This series gave me the chills. Portraits of Bloggers, by Gabriela Herman. Via Swissmiss.

2010 Recap

For once, I’m finding myself strangely silent. I think I’m going through that awkward existential stage every blogger experiences. Mulling over this space and my business (2 years now! Holy cow.) I know it’s time to make some game changes. How and what, exactly, are still just outside my grasp. Still, treasured readers, clients, collaborators,… Read more »

Weekly Workspace Photo

Okay, so not a picture of my workspace per se, but photos I took by myself on Friday using two studio lights, reflectors, tripod, and tethered to my Macbook. After a lesson from Bracket Studios, of course. I don’t hate these shots and I didn’t spend tons of time photoshopping them, which is an improvement… Read more »