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No Lifeguard On Duty

Equal parts pretty and hollow. Series by J. Bennett Fitts, via Holly Wales.

More Vignette

Yesterday I blogged over here with more behind the scenes for tomorrow’s event at Post 27. Can’t believe it’s happening tomorrow and I can’t wait to have our big yahoo moment once it’s all DONE DONE DONE!

Bring it, Monday.

Guys, it’s been at least six months since I’ve really felt that invested in blogging. (Could you tell?) I knew it wasn’t because I was losing interest per se, because I’ve been following the blog scene pretty much since the dawn of time and I don’t think I will ever lose that connection. I just… Read more »

Vivian Maier

Quite possibly Chicago’s first-ever street photographer, a woman no less, a very mysterious sounding Vivian Maier. I saw a mention of her on Simple Lovely and new I had to learn more. After acquiring Vivian’s negatives, John Maloof has been documenting her extensive work over at his blog. It’s fascinating to me to that John… Read more »

Dutch Tulip Round-Up

Oh spring, come quick! It’s a lifelong dream of mine to be in Holland during tulip season which is now just seconds away. The countryside all swathed in color as far as the eye can see, the air thick with the scent of spring. And then, all of a sudden it’s harvest time and they’re… Read more »