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An open letter to my photo friends

Time to take my pants off and get real. Don’t you get tired of people asking you for your photos? Like, I can imagine it gets to be annoying shooting an event and being hounded by people like me for pictures after the fact. It’s like that camera is a target and me, your Mom,… Read more »


Can’t get enough of black & white photography these days. These in particular are from Cathzilla on flickr. They have that swoony, nostalgic vibe that’s both timeless and hip at once. Via Ok Great.

The Last Iceberg

I know most people aren’t especially excited about wintery things this time of year, but I can’t get Camille Seaman’s iceberg photos out of my head. Just so fascinated with these glacial beings, alive with their own frozen currents and creaking conversations. Equally tremendous and frail. Bonus, here’s a podcast of Camille telling the incredible… Read more »

The Neche Collection

File this one under marvelous things I wish I’d thought of! My friend Veronica’s been cataloging and archiving her accountant-Grandpa’s office supplies and knick-knacks. There’s something really captivating about someone’s forgotten personal effects and I love that Veronica includes some of her own childhood memories alongside them. What a great gift to her family too!

Vignette Wrap-Up

…..omgoshthiswasthebesttime. Thank you everyone for coming, thank you to Heather, Stephanie and Christine for bearing photographic witness of the work (more photos here). Thank you Design Bureau and of course, Angela. Going to hold on to this experience for a long time to come. I also can’t think of a better way to recoup than… Read more »