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Nea Photography

Don’t you wish you had these lovelies for breakfast? By Nea, whose beautiful jewelery work I have seen on the Ets (Etsy) before, but I’m also really impressed with her scrumptious looking food porn. Incidentally, a lot of the photos are styled with other handmade Etsy goodies. What a great touch! Full set here. Source,… Read more »


I was musing today that it’s been awhile since I’ve done a photography post, when I remembered the work of Chicago’s own, Greyscalegorilla aka Nick Campbell. The work pretty much needs no introduction, but his daily photo site, blog, and motion reel all deserve a lengthy perusal. I defy you not to lose yourself in… Read more »

Radio Lab – Parabolas

I was totally mesmerized by this short little bonus vid, released this week by Radio Lab & WNYC. I get really excited about how media is constantly overlapping to create this mish-mash of collective brilliance that’s often better than the sum of its parts. Is this about radio? Or TV? Or photography? It is definitely… Read more »

Inauguration Compilation

A small tribute to another historic day in America Love this spunky embroidered piece by Australian textiles boutique, Castle. Source. The classy and polished photography of Gemma Cosas. Article 2 (for BHO) from Andrew Sloat on Vimeo. Beautiful montage of type from Andrew Sloat, found via Swiss Miss.

You Are Here

Come to Rainbo this Sunday to support Stephanie Bassos and my friend Linsey Burritt (aka Studio Rosse). They’ve orchestrated a show with photography and window installations and brilliant things are expected! Jan 11th, 8:30pm, 1150 N. Damen ave.