Tag: Photography

Abigail Reynolds

Stunning cut & folded paper sculptures by Abigail Reynolds. Via Kempt Life.

Persistent Pyramids

Love these cool prism-like photos by Anatoly Zenkov. Probably gives the traditional landscape photographer the twitches, but I dig all the unnatural angles. Via of paper and things.

Aakash Nihalani

Found this fun street art via the Wooster Collective. Aakash Nihalani is NY based but seems like he’s got work in lots of big cities. I love the way he composes his installations (he uses tape) but the way they’re shot makes them seem like photography pieces too. Catch new stuff on Aakash’s flickr too.

Jake Baggaley Photography

Jake Baggaley is a photography student in the UK who’s already getting quite a bit of notoriety. Check out this enlightening interview with him from Brick. It’s a genuinely interesting read, mostly focused on Jake’s affecting photography trip to Chernobyl. Completely independently he contracted the help of charities in the Ukraine to help him plan… Read more »


I really like the sparse, graphic compositions in this photography by +fatman+. Minimalism in photography is rad.