Tag: Paper

Scout's Honor Co.

I found Vermont stationery studio, Scout’s Honor Co while poking around on Pinterest. Classic, enduring, and whimsical style. Also, their steamlined webshop/blog is run on tumblr for any of you small business out there, head’s up. I’m making a note to make use of tumblr for an e-commerce site too.

Hattie Newman

I’ve kept a tab open of Hattie Newman’s work open for nearly a month already. I’ve forgotten entirely where I found her illustrations and paper landsacpes, but I’ve kept it up because it’s so stinking exuberant. Every time I return to the tab I get a little jolt of cheer. Thank you for the small… Read more »

Pattern Matters

I think I hurt my brain a little when I comprehended that these beautiful things are made of folded paper. By Pattern Matters, each is its own trippy exploration of pattern, shape, and typography. The project’s website is worth a visit as well; it’s equally suited to the project.


Incredibly crafted paper sculptures by Benja Harney.

Lox & Savvy

Delicious new stuff from Australian stationery company, Lox & Savvy. Via Jesse, who always finds the most interesting paper products.