Tag: Painting

Gala Bent

Interesting mixed media work by Gala Bent. Hairy, mildly bizarre and creature-like, but not at all grotesque. I think they’re quite pretty and completely charming. Via Whiskey Tango Fontbook.

Kate Abercrombie

Intrigued by the all the details and patchwork patterns in Kate Abercrombie’s gouache paintings.

Yellena James

Here’s some more tabs I’ve had open for awhile. I really really love Yellena James’ work for example. The whole botanical/cellular feel of her work is great & she uses such lovely colors too. Check her blog and Etsy as well. Lots to see & buy! Via Booooooooom.

Jacob Magraw-Mickelson

I just found Jacob Magraw-Mickelson’s gouache paintings over at Moon River, and hoo boy I’m in love. I hope you are too!

Katherine Guillen

Scouting around on delicious today I discovered the lovely gouache paintings of Katherine Guillen