Tag: Painting

New work from Tauba Auerbach

I haven’t checked out old fave Tauba Auerbauch in a while, but in the interim she’s cranked out an entirely new style of work and it is bee-yoo-tiful. These are – wait for it – paintings. Egads, so awesome. Thanks to Jessica Comingore for reminding me of this inspiring lady’s work.  

New work from Visual Armory

In Chicago, it’s rare to see hand-lettered signage in the gentrified neighborhoods. Most small business either can’t afford it or it’s viewed as not pro-level or too “ghetto”. Which, I’m sure we all agree, is super lame. Luckily there’s a bunch of people in this town who are making it their mission to keep this… Read more »

Two Crown King

Isn’t this something to behold. Though the music itself isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I would totally hang prints of this incredible cat in my house! Such incredible color and detail. Via Ms. Jacqui Oakley herself, the artwork is a collaboration with the awesome Polystudio.

Connor Harrington

I’m currently in British Columbia (going to Vancouver tomorrow & Thursday!) and even though we’ve been traveling for the last 16 hours, there is free wifi at the moment so I can’t resist popping in w/ a post. Not sure when I will have this chance again, so I’m taking it! Love these works by… Read more »

Camilla Engman

Some of her recent work. If you look closely you’ll spy her 2011 Calendar, just dropped. Via Book By Its Cover.