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Two Crown King

Isn’t this something to behold. Though the music itself isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I would totally hang prints of this incredible cat in my house! Such incredible color and detail. Via Ms. Jacqui Oakley herself, the artwork is a collaboration with the awesome Polystudio.

WASARA Disposable Tableware

Single-use, biodegradable, compostable and gosh-darn sexy. By Japanese company, WASARA, they’re reasonably priced for sale (wholesale and smaller retail packs) here. Via Graphic-Exchange.

Jacqui Oakley

Darren Booth tossed this gem of an link my way, the fantastic paintings & illustrations of Jacqui Oakley. I love the more modern take on the ornamental, Art Nouveau type look. Colors are great too.

Alvin Diec

I ffffound Alvin Diec’s portfolio site today and it’s a goody. Lovely sophisticated typography in his branding work. Nice set of posters too!

Andrews & Dunham Tea Company

Everyone’s favorite screenprinting duo, Aesthetic Apparatus have done a line of packaging for a high-end tea company. Sorry, “Damn Fine Tea” as Andrews & Dunham Tea Company calls their products. Don’t you just want to pick up these tins and feel them? I doubt the photos do them their due. Found via OMG Posters.