Tag: Objects

Nic Webb

Luscious one-of-a-kind hand carved wooden spoons by Nic Webb. Via Honest Fare.

WASARA Disposable Tableware

Single-use, biodegradable, compostable and gosh-darn sexy. By Japanese company, WASARA, they’re reasonably priced for sale (wholesale and smaller retail packs) here. Via Graphic-Exchange.

Come Darkness

Phew! I’ve missed the internet! NY is such a full, exciting, whirlwind experience that afterward it feels perfect to unwind with my Reader in the quiet of my own cozy apartment. Just clicking away looking at pretty things and reading what people have been up to. This is Come Darkness, a small installation curated by… Read more »

Raw Edges Design Studio

Hi there! Apparently freelancing at my old 9-5, and working at my other new job, frantic apartment hunting, plus various other evening commitments equals an unplanned two day blog hiatus. Whooooops. Anyway glad to be back and pleased to be showing off the work of Yael Mar & Shay Alkalay. Their work is equal parts… Read more »

String Republic Summer 09

Buro Destruct Jorge Alderete Sophie Henson String Republic has released their summer shoes! Really nice work everyone.