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March of the Zapotec

I’m surprised by Beirut’s newest album. March of the Zapotec starts out in their usual oompa-carnivale-European vibe but by the end it completely merges with an electronic indie-pop sound that sounds really fresh to me. Seriously the last song is one wordless, entirely synth jam. It’s pretty great. Listen to another one of my favorite… Read more »

Middle Cyclone – Neko Case

Yep it’s as good as I’d hoped. Man, the pipes on that girl. She’ll knock you over with them! Myspace.

Nina Simone w/ Type

Feeling Good, Nina Simone by mrfnk This. Is. Fabulous. Her voice, her words, the fat serif italics, it’s a whole mess of love. Via here and here.


Crayon from Matthew DeLoach on Vimeo. You know how you forget about bands in your iTunes, only to re-discover them much later and discover how awesome they are? I just did this with the defunct band Manitoba. For 6 months it’d been sitting there un-played, and when I finally gave it a listen I was… Read more »

February Wallpaper

1600×1024 | 1440×900 | 1280×800 | 1024×800 So…There’s still a week left in the month, so this counts eh? This is a poster I did for an upcoming show for Ratatat here in Chicago, but I figured I would make it into a wallpaper as well. Happy downloading! I’ll definitely be posting shots of the… Read more »