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Friday Links

+ This Baths kid’s got summertime in his fingers. + New design blog, Moxee, put together a legit piece on branding your blog here. + I wrote a post on the Fox is Black about austism in the arts. + My other bloggy-gig, Outpost, is picking up speed. Carly’s our newest contributor, she’s now doing… Read more »

Explosions in the Sky

I could watch an entire film like this video. By Ptarmak with illusrations by Sissy Emmons and animation by David Hobizal.

Kick-Off Monday & FAQs

Since it’s a holiday today, most folks are trying their hardest to inject a little extra summer into their weekend. ie- Not reading blogs posts like this. Which totally means less pressure for me to get this writing project I’ve given myself off the ground, alright! I cheated and got a bit of a brainstorming… Read more »

Music Monday

In case you haven’t heard there’s a new Radiohead/Fourtet/Burial collab that dropped last week, piggy-backing on the new Radiohead album. I wasn’t immediately gripped with The Kind of Limbs, but not so with this song, it’s an earworm for sure.   Ruckzuck by Kraftwerk is one of those songs I’ve known almost my whole life… Read more »

Friday Links

+ This is the part of winter starts to get reaaaaaally tedious, March is such a tease. So I figured a little reminder of a warm memory from last summer’s Art Camp wouldn’t hurt. Just me, the swing and the sun, taken by famed photographer Bob Coscarellii. You can read more about our adventures last… Read more »