Tag: Motion

Cloud Man by Grieves & Budo

This song/video is a triple whammy; sick stop-motion & sexy hand-cut lettering slung between the sounds of two new-to-me musicians. The song itself is a collab by hip-hop artist Grieves and mult-instrumentalist/producer Budo, but with the surprising result that’s more sweet lyrical ballad. If you’re familiar with any other Rhymesayers artists like Atmosphere, Brother Ali,… Read more »

I'm Here by Spike Jonze

So…I guess I’m on an unintentional video kick this week! I just watched I’m Here, the new short film by Spike Jonze. I’ve been a huge huge fan of his…for I don’t know, AGES. And if you liked Where the Wild Things Are, then you’ll dig this one too. It’s pretty much the most adorable… Read more »


I just redisovered this video of RIPO’s 10 Days project. This kid is so good, like Steve Powers good. Not only are his lettering skills totally amazing, but it’s also a stellar concept; ten days’ worth of new headlines painted over top of each other in 10 days. Check this interview on Fecal Face for… Read more »

The Show ‘N Tell Show

I just LOVE it when my friends impress the hell out of me. Mike Renaud, Zach Dodson & Spokesmom have been putting on The Show ‘N Tell Show here in Chicago for over a year now, and they just dropped this amazingly funny-cute-nerdy opener. With muppets! It gives a fantastic sense that The Show ‘N… Read more »

RRR Project

The RRR Project is dedicated to supporting art in surprising and accessible ways no matter what the medium is, “…we look around, see what we can do and take it upon ourselves to make it happen. Less talk, more action.” Their gorgeous zine: 100 pages of recycled art, 6×9 inches, 2/3 in 2 color &… Read more »