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Where They Create

Printink Textile Printers: Marcel Van Doorn: Monster Children Magazine: Where They Create is a massive series of workspace tours by photographer Paul Barbera. Exclusively artists & designers, it’s an excellent resource for glimpsing how folks work. I like seeing that they’re not perfectly styled as well. That the clutter isn’t messy feeling, but inspiring instead…. Read more »

Calder At Home

Alexander Calder’s home & studio from 1963 book Calder At Home: The Joyous Environment of Alexander Calder. Written & photographed by Pedro E. Guerrero. From Old Chum, see more here.

Sanna Annuka

If you follow Marrimekko at all then you’ve likely heard of Sanna Annuka. Pattern-Designer Supreme, this chick is not messing around. See more at Notcot, they’ve got a nice little write up in their archives.

Heike Weber

Wow, this is one multi-talented artist. From objects, paperworks, to installations, Heike Weber’s work translates well to all of them. I especially like the circular rugs paired with the illustrated wall coverings. So beautiful! Source.

Raw Edges Design Studio

Hi there! Apparently freelancing at my old 9-5, and working at my other new job, frantic apartment hunting, plus various other evening commitments equals an unplanned two day blog hiatus. Whooooops. Anyway glad to be back and pleased to be showing off the work of Yael Mar & Shay Alkalay. Their work is equal parts… Read more »