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Pardon the dust.

I have some new things planned for this blog this week!! The first of which is so small you may not have even noticed, especially if you’re following along in an RSS reader, but the pictures got bigger! A extra 100 pixels to be exact, for your viewing pleasure. Who doesn’t love to lose themselves… Read more »

BitBlogger: Destined to Design

This week’s BitBlogger is Jessica Comingore who writes the elegant and restrained Destined to Design. Jessica’s one talented monkey with her hands in interior design, graphic design, and photography projects. Plus her blog, let’s not forget! I’ll let her fill you in on the rest: Destined to Design just reached a big milestone of turning… Read more »

The Tiny House Blog

A few cuties from the Tiny House blog. Could you live in a tiny house? I think it would be fun, a little sanctuary where you couldn’t do anything but relax & reflect.

Cassandra Smith

I would be so very happy if a set of these came to live at my house. My Pops has a walking stick that is painted in a similar style, though his is so old the paint has all but faded and the stick itself is broken in half. I loved it as a child,… Read more »

Vignette Install

Stuff-makin. Goodness do I love my job. More here.