Tag: Installation

Noriko Ambe

Japanese artist, Noriko Ambe’s work is so gorgeous. Her cut-paper sculptures resemble topography or the rings of a tree. I especially like when she pairs this technique with images of people because I think it’s a witty metaphor for the subtleties of the human condition. Via Kottke.org

Cholla Artistes

Ky Anderson, Two Eyes With Wings, oil on canvas Laura Etheredge, pen & ink Brandi Strickland, mixed media Textile sculptures & installations by Amanda Browder. I recently went through my delicious looking specifically for female artists and re-discovered several I’d forgotten about. And then I realized that’s why I have a blog, so I have… Read more »


Remembering When & the Prefect Getaway It’s ok limited edition of 1,000,000. Heh. Installation at the Family Room’s Proximity 003 Launch Party. Can’t believe where my head’s been on this one, but Matthew Hoffman aka Sighn’s work is definitely worth discussing. He was featured in the most recent Proximity Magazine and is often seen kickin’… Read more »

You Are Here

Come to Rainbo this Sunday to support Stephanie Bassos and my friend Linsey Burritt (aka Studio Rosse). They’ve orchestrated a show with photography and window installations and brilliant things are expected! Jan 11th, 8:30pm, 1150 N. Damen ave.