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Margot in Japan: Tokyo Update

Margot! In! Japan! I’m nearly mid-way through a two-week adventure here. This post is a small recap of what’s happened so far, as well as how I’m dealing with the loneliness of traveling alone in a country where I don’t speak the language and am unable to eat much of the food. Watari Museum of… Read more »

Shape/Shift at Lost Arts 11/4

This is the first art show I’ve been in since 2014 and the first show I’ve co-curated (along with Rusty Cook, Chad Kouri, and Elisabeth Hass) for multi-disciplinary space, Lost Arts. Elisabeth approached me and Chad to come up with some programming to help spread the word about their new space and this is what… Read more »

Jessica Labette

Today my eyes are feasting on conceptual photography/installations by Jessica Labette. Love the exuberant colors and surprising compositions. Via Chad.

Georges Rousse

I didn’t believe that this wasn’t done with Photoshop. It’s a three-dimensional space painted to look like flat color. There’s only a single vantage point where the perspective aligns completely and the installation completes itself. Just watch this video if you need more convincing like I did. The artist in question is French photographer Georges… Read more »

Friday Openings

It’s going to be a busy night in Chicago, ’tis the season for gallery hopping on bikes. And most especially tonight is all about my inspiring friends and they fantastic work they do. First up is Printervention, which is a massive poster show downtown at the Chicago Tourism Center. Holy Moly! Curated by Emily Clayton,… Read more »