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Artist Interview: Sighn

This is part of a companion piece which I wrote for The Show ‘N Tell Show’s new project, to launch in 2011. For Matthew Hoffman it’s all about identity. On the casual outward glance he’s a 9-5er, a career oriented young chap, probably unknown to some as…shhhh….an artist. But over wayside he runs Multi-Polar Projects,… Read more »

Friday Links (on Monday)

+ Jacqui Oakley sent me a hello announcing her new site, blog and Etsy. + Excited to see how this is going to go down on Kitsune Noir the Fox is Black. + Pretty, pretty web design at new-to-me find: Unmatched Style. + Holler! I got drafted (thank you, Sage Brown) this week to dribbble…. Read more »


Stephanie of Antwept-based Stip/Ontwerpt got in touch with some of her new work! I just love it when folks send me updates on what they’re up to. Looks good as always, thanks Stephanie!

Camilla Engman

Some of her recent work. If you look closely you’ll spy her 2011 Calendar, just dropped. Via Book By Its Cover.

Friday Links

+ Check out my friend Meghan McEwen on Design Milk! So stinking cute. Meghan’s quite the accomplished writer and has put together a great list of things to do in Detroit. While you’re at it, check out her interior design/travel blog, Design Tripper, which I helped design & develop too. (Hi Meghan!) + This, folks,… Read more »