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Friday Links!

No Black Friday shopping for me! Instead I’m cooking and eating like it’s still a holiday while catching up on the interwebs and my heaping pile of work. Here’s this week’s dispatch of linky goodness. + My friend Brandon from FRANK emailed me their latest & greatest: a video of Little Scream’s newest single, The… Read more »

Adi Goodrich + Sirocco Research Labs

Happy Monday dudes! I feel awesome today, my mouth is nearly healed and chilling out for a few days did tons and tons for my productivity. Just in time to prepare for the usual holiday madness! If you’re looking for a special gift this year, look no further than my friend Adi Goodrich who draws… Read more »

Hattie Newman

I’ve kept a tab open of Hattie Newman’s work open for nearly a month already. I’ve forgotten entirely where I found her illustrations and paper landsacpes, but I’ve kept it up because it’s so stinking exuberant. Every time I return to the tab I get a little jolt of cheer. Thank you for the small… Read more »

Sister Corita by Levi's Workshops

  “The only rule is work. If you work, good things happen.” – Sister Corita.     Thank you, Chad for reminding me of the unparalleled Sister Corita Kent. This video by Levi’s Creative Workshops program does an incredible job describing her work & legacy: Images from Upper Playground.

Drawn In

New edition to my book collection: Julia Rothman’s second book, Drawn In! It’s a peek into the sketchbooks of 44 artists, illustrators, designers & cartoonists. If this doesn’t get you itching to flex your drawing fingers then I don’t know what will.