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Friday Links, Holiday Edition

+ I just launched redesigned a logo & header for Anni Cee Photographie! + Fresh new work, fresh new site from Jesse Brown. + Swiss Miss posed a really interesting question that I’m constantly hearing from my clients: what are some tools for people who want to build a strong personal brand but can’t afford… Read more »

Things to back on Kickstarter

Let me help you spend your money on two projects I’ve discovered recently that are near and dear: Chis Piascik has done a drawing every weekday for the last four years which equals 1,000 drawings and Chris is self-publishing them into a book! I’m especially looking forward to the section of the book dedicated to… Read more »

Tangram United States

By Midnight Umbrella. Via Brad Wooddard Design.  

Points of Interest

You’ve felt like this, right? Sometimes you’re skipping right along easily imagining whatever it is you can’t do into submission. And sometimes it’s not so breezy and with every forward step there pressure continues to loom. For the last two weeks I’ve been like a kid with my fingers in my ears and constant mantra… Read more »

The Films of William James Murray

  How funny is this poster? An icon for every Bill Murray movie, I especially like the Ghostbusters ones! By DKNG Studios, it bears strong likeness to Always With Honor’s work. Via Hipstreet.