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You, yes you.

Just a regular ‘ol day here at casa de Pitch, but I will take a moment to chime in on this Day of Love and say thanks for reading friends. I like you all very much. Wishing you hugs, high fives, hot sauce…Or whatever it is you’re into today. And if you’re feeling especially amorous,… Read more »

Estela Cuadro

Breathtaking work from Argentinian illustrator, Estela Cuadro. Such divine texture, really really makes me want to break out the ‘ol paintbrushes.  

Peculiar Bliss

I’m generally not a huge fan of online magazines because I find myself getting distracted from the actual content by the swoopy page effects and multitude of viewing options. So when one DOES happen to grab my eye, I definitely sit up and notice. There’s so much personality in every page of Peculiar Bliss, just… Read more »

Julianna Brion

There’s so much Mid-Century inspired illustration everywhere these days (not that I mind, I will never tire of that era) but it’s also why Julianna’s work stands out. Nods to Picasso, Art Deco, and 1920’s are evident in her Pinup Girls series. Aren’t these just gorgeous? What a dream to hang in a bathroom or… Read more »

Nathan Manire

It’s rare to come across an illustrator/designer with such a huge range in style. And though Nathan emailed me about his work, just this morning I was flipping through one of our older issues of Its Nice That and there he was again. No chance of forgetting about this talented wunderkind now!