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6 Days of Paris Art & Culture

In one of those rare opportunities, after much adance planning, last week I went to Paris with my mom. We went to celebrate her retirement from teaching, and because my mom is an Emily Dickinson fan, she wanted to attend the International Emily Dickinson Society’s annual conference. Which just so happened to be at Paris’… Read more »

Four Days in Detroit

I’ve been wanting to explore Detroit for ages and finally there were enough reasons and planning to make it happen two weeks ago over Easter. At the outset it’s hard to prepare for Detroit’s massive abandonment, decay, and poverty, even though I knew to expect it. To fresh eyes, large swaths of the city look,… Read more »


Here it is! The one thing I’ve been able to lose myself in this week. Berlin based street artist, BUFFdiss on unurth.

Friday Links

+ You can text 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross in support of the Japanese earthquake (tear, sniff!) but processing of text-based donations is not timely and can take 60 to 90 days to be dispersed. Disasters obviously need more immediate support so donate directly through the Red Cross website instead. + Tonight’s… Read more »


New work from Brazillian street artist Speto. Via Wooster Collective.