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Sneak Peek – Will Bryant

Pssst…I got some presents in my email today! Some super top secret brand new pieces by everyone’s favorite man with the fancy pants, Mr. Will Bryant. Thank you Will!

Late to the party since 1982…

Guys. I did it. I tried to hold out, but I couldn’t keep myself away from it’s seductive wiles. You guessed it, I’m on Twitter. Right here. I know you’re out there fellow Tweeters, let’s be internet friends! Also? LeVar Burton is on Twitter? Awesome. Butterfly in the sky I can fly twice as high…

The Show ‘N Tell Show

My friends Zach & Mike invited me over this Sunday for their awesome little designer tea party get-together. I’m really excited, wish me luck! The Show N’ Tell Show Sunday March 29th, 7pm free! The Whistler 2421 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL

Parties Parties Everywhere!

Proximity Magazine is expanding its ever-inspiring empire with two new art & design publications, which are launching this Saturday. Matériel is a super fresh art & design companion to Proximity which I’m already drooling over. And Pr is a massive newsprint poster/openings calendar/Proximity teaser jam, designed & illustrated by yours truly. Everything is at press… Read more »

Will Miller

I just met this cat, Will Miller, at a Valentine’s Day show curated by Art School Girl. Totally floored by his sick type illustrations, very beautiful! He’s also got a nice body of design work and there are more sketches on his flickr as well.