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Friday Catch-up

I’ve spent the last four days building an installation for The Post Family’s We Are Family opening tonight and I totally didn’t anticipate how much it would be owning me. Whoops. It’s finally up and I’m pleased with how it came out, but I’m in the weeds big time. But I’m dying to tell you… Read more »

The Post Family's Scout Books

It’s The Post Family week over at Scout Books’ blog. Scout sent each family member their own book to decorate and I’ll say the results are pretty great. Make sure you click through, there’s quite a bit more to see than just the single spread I’ve posted here. Sketchbooks are always such a treat, but… Read more »

New Bloggy Gig!

By luck’s good grace, I’m now blogging for COLOURlovers a couple times a week! Who knew that one day I would be able to score a gig writing about color? My post today is all about the gorgeous colorful options I’ve been seeing lately in sketchbooks & notebooks. I am very grateful to Davey for… Read more »


My buddy Matt Hooks (whom you may remember by some of the fine javascript handiwork he threw down on the POST 27 site) has got a new project in the works. He and some of his buddies run a small theater company, Abraham Werewolf, and they are trying to launch a new production on Kickstarter… Read more »

The Show ‘N Tell Show

I just LOVE it when my friends impress the hell out of me. Mike Renaud, Zach Dodson & Spokesmom have been putting on The Show ‘N Tell Show here in Chicago for over a year now, and they just dropped this amazingly funny-cute-nerdy opener. With muppets! It gives a fantastic sense that The Show ‘N… Read more »