Tag: Furniture

Merchant No. 4

Furniture and housewares from Merchant No. 4. I’m really glad those measuring spoons are out of stock because otherwise I would have had serious trouble practicing restraint on that purchase! Via Road Trip in Finland.

Strand Design

Product designers, Strand Design just re-launched their website and now you can buy their gorgeous furniture & accessories online! Strand does desks, lighting and even an ingenious origami influenced messenger bag made from salvaged materials. My favorite is the Core System desk, the yellow detailing on the side is a brilliant touch. My former (for… Read more »

Sit & Read

Sit and Read for UNIS from Part & Parcel on Vimeo. Completely smitten with Sit & Read, a small Brooklyn furniture store. The photography and the no-frills tone behind the design and all the details, and of course the products themselves have that extra something. Honestly, I could write a whole separate post on how… Read more »

Matthew Hilton

Simply gorgeous styling, product photography & website from furniture-maker Matthew Hilton. I want the entire collection, but that goes without saying.

Raw Edges Design Studio

Hi there! Apparently freelancing at my old 9-5, and working at my other new job, frantic apartment hunting, plus various other evening commitments equals an unplanned two day blog hiatus. Whooooops. Anyway glad to be back and pleased to be showing off the work of Yael Mar & Shay Alkalay. Their work is equal parts… Read more »