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A French Press Method

Jessica Comingore posted meaning it for a Friday, but I think it is equally compelling on this very early Monday morning. Also, mmmm. I have a love/hate relationship with coffee, but not today. Today’s all about the lovin. A French Press Method is by the Sprouted Kitchen, where they even walk you through how to… Read more »

Friday Links

Here’s basically everything I meant to post about this week in one dispatch. + Beginners is the sweetest movie I’ve seen in a long time. By artist/designer/director Mike Mills, who’s work I adore, it’s based on his own life. Mostly about the complexities of family love & relationships, the film has a non-linear, collage-like narrative… Read more »

Adi Goodrich + Sirocco Research Labs

Happy Monday dudes! I feel awesome today, my mouth is nearly healed and chilling out for a few days did tons and tons for my productivity. Just in time to prepare for the usual holiday madness! If you’re looking for a special gift this year, look no further than my friend Adi Goodrich who draws… Read more »

The Outliers Project, Vol 1

Logged 39 hours in three days this week, when that happens there’s just not much left for doing fun stuff on ze internets. C’est la vie! But at least you know I can’t quit you. And now I can finally get to all these things I’ve been meaning to blog and that is awesome news… Read more »

Friday Links

Well, I was going to blog yesterday. I had every intention, and then I zonked out on the couch at 10:30pm and that was it for the night. Shoot. There are some awesome things I discovered in this abbreviated week, so without further adieu: + Best Kickstarter project this week, by artist Steve Lambert (who… Read more »