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Etsy Amps

Of those I’ve seen, I think this is by far my favorite ampersand t-shirt. An ampersand of ampersands! How very meta. Whoaaa. I also dig the sweet retro vibe of the ampersand pillow. Both are from Lorem & Ipsum on Etsy, found on Notcot. Always a good day on the internet when there are new… Read more »

Arm Warmers

I cannot for the life of me understand why these aren’t more popular. Cute? You bet. Practical? Absolutely. I’m going to buy some to coordinate with my favorite shorter sleeved tops for wintertime toastiness. Also, they are perfect for biking since my arms always get cold while the rest of me is overheated. Here’s some… Read more »

Cocktail Rings on Etsy

From wacky to retro to glamourous, I love the bold statement of cocktail rings. Here are a few I found today on Etsy. From left to right: Hammered Dot Ring by Lotus Jewelery, Boca Petal Ring by PoppiGirl, Bubble Lace Ring by Colleen Baran, Art Nouveau by MoonFaces, Green & Yellow flowers by the Broken… Read more »

Lena Corwin

Jumping in the game a little late today, but Etsy’s got me really excited about the DIY stylings of Lena Corwin. I love this idea, so simple and so adaptable. Full directions here. Lena’s also got a new book which I’m lusting over; my brain is all a-flutter with possibilities. I would love to design… Read more »