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Art School Girl Updates

Art School Girl, Amy, has updated her etsy shop with loads of Spring cleaning, which means new goodies for sale. I particularly love the random grab bags of vintage imagery. Happy cut ‘n pasting! Via The Post Family.

French Fold Books

Self-promotional Book by Nikolaus Schmidt Bermuda Pantaloons zine by Evah Fan available on Etsy. ) It’s only $5, wow! Paul Hekkert by Chris van Diemen I’ve been noticing folded books like these lately. I just think they are so beautiful, really adds a lot of dimension to the whole experience of a book. Also, they… Read more »

Hello Victory

Hey Susy just announced Hello Victory, a marvelous and brand-new Etsy shop featuring all sorts of vintage goodies. Seriously, she’s got all of 5 total sales right now, so go forth and buy! I think I will be too, that pitcher is calling my name.

Magic Jelly

I just discovered the delightfully named, Magic Jelly blog & Etsy store. Lovely vintage feeling collages, moleskines, gocco prints, coasters, and buttons.

Obsessive Consumption

I love Kate Bingaman-Burt’s concept and illustration style. She photographs all of her
purchases and hand draws both her credit card statements and something else she purchases each day. And on top of that she publishes her monthly sketches into zines, for sale on her etsy shop. Color me a fan for sure.