Tag: Etsy

Cassandra Smith

I would be so very happy if a set of these came to live at my house. My Pops has a walking stick that is painted in a similar style, though his is so old the paint has all but faded and the stick itself is broken in half. I loved it as a child,… Read more »

Walnut Studio Lo

Tell me this isn’t just made for summer. Part of a whole slew of delicious hand-tooled leather bike accessories. Mmm. Modern bicycle cowboy.

Chalk Chalk

Missing my laptop for a few days while it gets a mild facelift and now these cute prints have me missing my bike too! I haven’t been riding much at all in the last month mostly because my current contract gig isn’t on a bike-friendly (ie- mildy terrifying) route. Even still, these adorable drawings by… Read more »

Judy Kaufmann

Sweet, whimsical illustrations & prints by Judy Kaufmann. Chad and I have a tiny bit of an art buying habit and our house is full to the brim. Someone else get these please? At $28 a pop, it’s hard to say no.

Nourishing Notes

Oh Sheet! I Forgot your Birthday: I Yam Sorry: My friend Julie at Letterform makes the cutest foodie-themed goodies, called Nourishing Notes. Cards are letterpressed with Julie’s illustrations on the front and complimentary witty cooking tips on the back. Tea towels are silkscreened on soft flour sacks and come in a set of two. Also,… Read more »