Tag: Environment

Andy Goldsworthy

Site specific environmental art by Andy Goldsworthy. For the most part he uses no tools besides his hands and whatever surrounding natural materials he can find to painstakingly construct each piece. At the mercy of the elements, some works are gone within a matter of hours, collapsing and scattering on the wind or tide. Found… Read more »

Eco-Friendly Street Art

Gasp and awe! The most obvious juxtaposition of urban + nature, yet I’ve never thought of it that way before. Consider my mind blown. Jesse Graves: These are by Milwaukee artist, Jesse Graves. Using mud he “paints” on his temporary message, only to have it wash away in the rain. Anna Garforth: Artist & designer,… Read more »

Reducing Your Water Footprint

Found this info graphic on GOOD’s site, drool. Definitely click the image to view large & zoom in to get the full effect. And wow, meat is apparently really bad for water supply.