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Hugo Werner

Today’s love is the fantasgreat collage/illustration/lettering/awesomeness of Huge Werner. Blurb & interview on Not Paper and more pics on Hugo’s flickrtoo.

Cholla Artistes

Ky Anderson, Two Eyes With Wings, oil on canvas Laura Etheredge, pen & ink Brandi Strickland, mixed media Textile sculptures & installations by Amanda Browder. I recently went through my delicious looking specifically for female artists and re-discovered several I’d forgotten about. And then I realized that’s why I have a blog, so I have… Read more »

Guest Post: Chad Kouri

{Today’s guest post is courtesy of the illustrious Chad Kouri. Known for his fine achievements as a member of the printmaking collective The Post Family, Art Director of Proximity Magazine, his splendid collage work, and co-founder a new blog about doodling, Margin Detail. Drop him a line if you’re up for a chat, a new… Read more »

Cristiana Couciero

Just learned of Cristiana Couciero & her incredible digital collages. For me, this is one of those artists that really hits color, composition & type dead-on every time. There’s a lot more to see on her site, definitely worth checking out.

Mel Kadel

I really really adore Mel Kadel’s work, I had such a hard time choosing which to post! It has a lot of the same qualities of Edward Gorey’s work, plus her use of color is simply inspired. More on her in this Fecal Face interview. Source.