Tag: collage

Danny Espinoza

Found Danny Espinoza’s work on My Love for You back in March, and oh how it makes me happy.

Mary Emma Hawthorne

Gorgeous collages by Mary Emma Hawthorne. From Very Very Beautiful.

Stephen Eichhorn

The collage work of Stephen Eichhorn is definitely worth checking out. And it’s great to see some studio shots (taken from his blog) too. Really puts his work into context, can’t believe he meticulously cuts out each leaf, stem & piece of grass by hand. So gorgeous.

Clemens Habicht

Totally smitten with Clemens Habicht’s cut paper collages/painting. All around stellar portfolio that includes both design & motion work on top of the illustrations. Absolutely worth checking out. Via Not Paper.

Valerie Roybal

Digging the collage work by Valerie Roybal, they feel fun & springy today. Via 20×200.