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How to Say No Like a Boss – WMC Fest Talk

Turns out saying no to projects, unnecessary obligations, figuring out how to clear the plate, etc, is really hard because it means hitting pause for a second to zoom out to assess the bigger picture. Which can be nerve-wracking and if you’re like me, you’ll find all the excuses you can to avoid looking under… Read more »

Friday Links, Holiday Edition

+ I just launched redesigned a logo & header for Anni Cee Photographie! + Fresh new work, fresh new site from Jesse Brown. + Swiss Miss posed a really interesting question that I’m constantly hearing from my clients: what are some tools for people who want to build a strong personal brand but can’t afford… Read more »

Branding the 10,000 Lakes

Shout-out to my home state! Minnesota designer Nicole Meyer is tackling a new logo daily for each of of the 10,000 lakes. Yes, there really are that many of them. She’s going to be at this for AWHILE. Get it guuuurl. Via Northcoast Zeitgeist.

Friday Links

+ This Baths kid’s got summertime in his fingers. + New design blog, Moxee, put together a legit piece on branding your blog here. + I wrote a post on the Fox is Black about austism in the arts. + My other bloggy-gig, Outpost, is picking up speed. Carly’s our newest contributor, she’s now doing… Read more »

O You My Wonderful Utopia

A series of fictional documents that riff on identity and bureaucracy. Beautifully concepted and executed, some of the best page layout I’ve seen in a long while. By the masterful & brilliant German studio, Deutsche & Japaner.