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Captain Cavity Cereal: Space Junk 2

I just love this zine from Andrew Neyer. It’s cereal box, printed by hand, filled with actual cereal but THEN his 64 page comic is shrink-wrapped inside. Just like a prize! Great work, great concept & great execution. More photos & review at Book By Its Cover.

The Book Cover Archive

{Today’s post brought to you today by the letter 4, the color yellow and my friend Maya Bruck designer extraodinaire. After sweating many a moon coding this site in her space time, she’s now working on starting a non-profit design organization called the Champaign-Urbana Design Organization, or CUDO. So exciting! The focus is on developing… Read more »

Books! Pretty Books!

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things today: books! Penguin’s Classics redefined. Delish, no? It’s sculpture! It’s an installation! It’s painting! More here. And check out this new gem of a site I found through La Suisse. I want this book of illustrations by John Burgerman soooo badly.