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Janet Halverson Book Covers

Great book covers that Jane from Lox Papers put together. They’re all by designer Janet Halverson whose work graced many a tome from the 70s-90s.

Never Sleep Book

This looks like a great book, chock full of eye candy & really down to earth advice on being a design professional. Even though it’s aimed at recent grads, it’s resonating with me as well. Especially the excerpt below, so true, no? There’s lots more to see here, including more images & essays should you… Read more »

Alex Lukas

I recently discovered the work of designer, painter, & member of Space 1026, Alex Lukas. His work was up at Heaven Gallery in Chicago and I think we spent a good 5 minutes in front of his building/water series. It seriously looks like a photo in real life.  It’s really acrylic & silk screen on… Read more »

French Fold Books

Self-promotional Book by Nikolaus Schmidt Bermuda Pantaloons zine by Evah Fan available on Etsy. ) It’s only $5, wow! Paul Hekkert by Chris van Diemen I’ve been noticing folded books like these lately. I just think they are so beautiful, really adds a lot of dimension to the whole experience of a book. Also, they… Read more »

1958 Penrose Annual Vol 52

A couple weeks back I was dutifully making my way through my feedreader and was immediately taken with one of UPPERCASE’s posts on the 1958 Penrose Annual. Knowing I had to have this treasure, I ordered it from Abe Books for a whopping $20 (shipping included). And finally this weekend it came! My expectations were… Read more »