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Spectrum Book

This took my breath away. I might have even squealed a little. By Jjaakk Design, via Spined.

Christian Brandt

The incredible work of Christian Brandt. Via Plural.

The Things We Make, pt 1

Instead of blogging, I’ve been working on a submission for this show. Every evening and the entire weekend for the last two weeks have been focused on this project. Creating the content, designing it, sourcing the materials, printing it, and AND finally assembling it is, uh, quite the time-suck. Maybe even a little crazy-making? Regardless,… Read more »

Friday Links

+ Letterpress & handmade books by Huldra Press. Via Mint. + Nuno sent me an interview that he did with Caleb Owen Everitt after he saw my post on him earlier this week. Rad! Super inspiring read. + Spotted! Yours truly on local bicycle/style blog, Bike Fancy.

Look! I made a book!

Over the last two Saturdays I took a bookbinding class hosted the Paper Crane. Participants get to construct their own book (one complete, and one in-progress above) and then we have until early March to, gasp, fill it up. So this is really just step one! I’ve been interested in bookbinding for years and finally… Read more »