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Friday Links (on Monday)

A forgotten powercord and the lunchtime yoga class I went to last Friday opted me out of publishing this post then, but better late than never! Luckily all these things still apply today! Like this Sesame Street crayon-making video for example. Takes me right back, can’t you almost smell the crayons? Fresh in their box… Read more »

Friday Links

“Oh, wouldn’t the world be a different place if we said, ‘I’m going to do something really little tomorrow.” – Mr. Rodgers + Gotta check out new lifestyle brand, Nothing Major, which I posted about at the Fox is Black. + I think everyone should make the exodus from LinkedIn to Zerply right now. Zerply… Read more »

BitBlogger: Wolf Eyebrows

Bonus BitBlogger post for the week! Aren’t you lucky grasshoppers! I wish I could take credit for discovering Wolf Eyebrows, but that honor falls to my Bitblogger partner-in-crime, Kate of Arthound. Written by Catherine, a South African copywriter & art lover, Wolfeyes covers everything from photography, fashion, food and all manner of arts & culture…. Read more »

Downtown at the Coop

For extra-last-minute-fun-times, I’ve submitted some of my collage books (like so) to an art show which is opening tomorrow night. We’re blowing the doors off of my buddy Sam Rosen‘s brand-new web design shop/co-working space as a part of the gallery district’s 1st Thursdays Art Walk. I didn’t get it together to take any in-process… Read more »

The Last Iceberg

I know most people aren’t especially excited about wintery things this time of year, but I can’t get Camille Seaman’s iceberg photos out of my head. Just so fascinated with these glacial beings, alive with their own frozen currents and creaking conversations. Equally tremendous and frail. Bonus, here’s a podcast of Camille telling the incredible… Read more »