Tag: Animation

Radio Lab – Parabolas

I was totally mesmerized by this short little bonus vid, released this week by Radio Lab & WNYC. I get really excited about how media is constantly overlapping to create this mish-mash of collective brilliance that’s often better than the sum of its parts. Is this about radio? Or TV? Or photography? It is definitely… Read more »

Mum's Collaged Video

I just saw this AWESOME video last night, They Made Frogs Smoke Until They Exploded (equally awesomely titled) from Co-Prosperity Sphere’s Animation Festival. Definitely going to be one of my favorites, I love the song used as well from the always excellent Icelandic band, Mum.

The Dot & The Line

Vintage animated typographic love story?! How could you say no? That Dot, she is a flighty little minx. What wiles await for our champion, the Line, as he attempts to win her everlasting amour? Oh, but the adversarial Squiggle stands in the way. Such cunning drama and suspense! Source

The Seed

The little vid from British production company Nexus is charming. Embed isn’t an option, but you can view it here. Via Graphic Hug.

The Pen is Mightier

Dudes. This stop-motion video is awesome. Watch for the joke on kerning at the ending. Brilliant. Source.