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Vetted is another delightful little boutique with amazing stationery & accessories. I was also happy to see that they carry The Gentlewoman which is a British magazine of which I’m a fan because it’s a major overhaul on the typical women’s fashion rag. Simultaneously more intellectual and artistic, without the same tired layouts and fluffy,… Read more »

Walnut Studio Lo

Tell me this isn’t just made for summer. Part of a whole slew of delicious hand-tooled leather bike accessories. Mmm. Modern bicycle cowboy.

Strand Design

Product designers, Strand Design just re-launched their website and now you can buy their gorgeous furniture & accessories online! Strand does desks, lighting and even an ingenious origami influenced messenger bag made from salvaged materials. My favorite is the Core System desk, the yellow detailing on the side is a brilliant touch. My former (for… Read more »


Korean shop, Millimeter/Milligram has really sweet stationery, office supplies, wallets etc. Really digging the fun masking tape designs. Source.

Head in the Clouds

I think this dish series called Head in the Clouds is really unique. By Tom Tor. Up for sale soon! Via Hipstreet.