Shape/Shift Window Mural

Shape/Shift Window Mural 18 feet x 6ft, acrylic. Part of a show I co-curated with Chad Kouri & Rusty Cook at multi-disciplinary art space, Lost Arts. Shape/Shift is about being in flux either creatively or through one’s identity, and the murky middle areas between all of society’s labels. Male or female? Black or White? Gay or straight? Rich or poor? Designer or developer? Artist or business person? Introvert or extrovert? I’m exhausted by watching so many people, myself included, contort ourselves to fit these polarizing terms especially because they have different and varying definitions. So this show was about tossing all that aside, and reframing what might have been a boundary in the past as a bridge or portal to a future that’s clearer and more flexible for us all. That’s why I chose the windows as the basis for this piece. More install shots and behind-the-scenes shots and inspiration for this work here.

Margot Harrington mural