Category: Visual Research

Info Graphics by Luca Masud

The complexity of these remind me a bit of Starbucks’ Good Sheets. I’m always impressed by a designer who can present elaborate systems like this in such a beautiful way. I just wish I could read Italian! Found on Behance.


Chilean author Roberto Bolano’s 1100 page uber novel is being translated into English for the first time, but this time the paperback version comes split into 3 novellas. Definitely more user-friendly, sure, but the chunky typography is the icing on the cake. I love it when design incorporates a patterns/imagery that match up across multiple… Read more »

Jill Rosenwald Ceramics

Absolutely stunning pieces by Jill Rosenwald Studios. Available wholesale or on Etsy.

Australian Street Art

Oh noes, guess it was a really hot day! Via Design You Trust & Rebel:Art

Alaskans for Obama

I guess this counts as typography! I’m totally doing what the lady sings at the end of this video and I’m casting my ballot early. The 30th is the last day to do so in Chicago! Go ‘Bama go! Source.