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Howdy Do It – Week 7

Hello, Pitch! Margot and I switched gears this week. She’s talking about how to be productive when you’ve got a big workload, and I’m talking about what to do with yourself when things slow way down. See, I had a feeling December would be a slow month. Even my non-wedding design clients dropped off the… Read more »

Howdy Do It, Round 7

Hey Pitch, it’s Ellie, back again with Howdy Do It for 2010! Margot and I took a little break around the holidays, but now we’re psyched for the new year and brainstorming ideas for this little series of ours. If you’re joining in for the first time, check out my past Howdy Do It posts… Read more »

Howdy Do It, Week 6

This week I’m remembering those by-gone days when I had a salary, and only the boss got stressed out during holidays. Me, I’d look at my workload, wonder if it would be done before my vacation started, and then give a smirk and a shrug. Now that I’m No.1 in the business of Me, the… Read more »

Howdy Do It, Week 5

Howdy Do It came from “how do you do It,” the question Ellie & Margot found themselves asking about their freelance lifestyles, and so Howdy Do It was born, a weekly column about the things we do to keep ourselves organized, inspired and on track. Ellie will be here each Monday, and Margot will be… Read more »

Howdy Do It, Week 4

Hey Pitch, it’s Ellie back for week 4 of Howdy Do It! The past couple weeks have been kind of rough for me (but you know that right?). Since I began my plunge into self-employment, I’ve felt a little overwhelmed with all the things I’d love to do for my own business, and the lack… Read more »