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Things from this week: 12/8 + The Artist's Way

+ Isn’t this staircase the stuff of dreams? It’s in Beirut! Though it reminds me of Guatemala, like a lot. Source. Also see these amaaaazing quilt and textile designs. The grid systems here makes my little designer heart swell. + On friendship break-up. Talking about the complexities of female friendship isn’t something we do enough. +  Why there… Read more »

Reading list for this week 12/1

Going to Guatemala was in some ways one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I left with new yogic configurations, an appreciation for meditation that I never knew I had, 19 more impressively smart friends, and fresh feeling of ease in my heart. It’s still just as hard as it ever was to write and my words… Read more »

Things I read (and did) this week 11/17

+ HOLEEEEY MOLY so far 951 people have signed up for my new Skillshare class. This is still small, at least by online class standards, but I seriously thought like 30 people (aka friends and family) would be the only ones to sign-up. So you can imagine my overwhelm and gratitude when something different happened! I’m… Read more »

New projects & things I read this week: 11/10

HI FRIENDS!!! I’m all-caps-extra-exclamation-mark excited to tell you about my new Skillshare class! Freelancing for Creatives: Kickstart Your Independence An Online Skillshare Class by Margot Harrington In it we talk about how to DO THE MONEY when it comes irregularly in fits and starts, goal-setting, working with clients, how the heck anyone who freelances ever… Read more »

Things I read (mostly) this week: 11/3

I missed last week because I played hooky to celebrate halloween the little nieces, so this week you get extra content! Lucky for you. Themes in this dispatch: loss, women in tech and the arts, and elections. + This piece on kindness was widely shared this week, and for good reason. If you are struggling… Read more »