The Bug – Poison Dart

This is hip-hop the likes of which I’ve never heard, heavy bass drops, reggae influenced rhythms, and featuring one bad-ass senorita emcee who gives M.I.A. a run for her money. Speakers and eardrums beware, this one just may blow them out. Don’t worry, you’ll be jammin out so much you won’t even care.

Happy New Year!


Goals seem so much more attainable than “resolutions” don’t you think? One additional thing I’m going to be working on as well, evident in this sketch, is to scale back on my perfectionism. Sometime loose, imperfect work can be amazingly affecting, so I’m going to experiment more with that. In any case, I thought it would be nice to formalize some of my intentions for the next year. I’ll be posting as developments allow, hopefully I won’t have any trouble crossing any of these off!