Things I Read / Watched / Learned Week of 10/20*

From the women of NPR this video: Talking While Female explores the ways in which women are written off simply by their voices and how we use them. Illustrations by one my favorite graphic designers, Kelli Anderson.

+ Are you using Slack chat app yet? If you’re already using it for multiple teams, then you’ll appreciate this new beta version of Slack Multiple. Get into it and see for yourself how this app is a real game changer. Some people even think it’s going to kill email.

+ A first person story of a woman’s abortion in 1959.

+ The Toast’s hilarious breakdown of current internet slang. I can’t even with this it’s everything my spirit animal…

+ Erin Loechner’s real bio is fantastic and embraces shades of gray not often seen on the internet.

+ While co-working a couple weeks ago with a friend who recently had a little one (Hi Crystal! Hi June!) I thought about how a lot of the music I listen to isn’t always scalable to the youngest and oldest among us. So I responded with this playlist. It’s called Classy Tunes for Young Folks, but really there’s still plenty of stuff on here the aged will like as well as some songs that expressly remind me of my own parents. If I were still working with kids I’d play this during free play, when coloring, cleaning, or other busy work.

*As of 10:38am.

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