Things I read this week 10/13*

Slightly lighter reading this week due to  focus on client work and family visiting for my partner’s solo show exhibition (hi Mom! I know I’m supposed to be getting ready instead of on the computer :-). But, here’s a few of the best.


I could look at this moving drawing from artist Lilli Carré all. day. long.

+ The Price of Black Ambition, a new essay from one of my faves Roxanne Gay, put a lump in my throat.

+ What I saw as an NFL Ball Boy. As gritty as you might expect, but also optimistic about the future of the NFL.

+ Common things men in tech can do to be more inclusive. Actually, this should be for everyone because I’ve caught myself doing one or two of these things too.

+ Aminatou Sow pretty much wins the internet for the day with this:


Yes, my friend. You nailed it.

Until next week friends! Off to see the work of prolific Chicago photographer, Vivian Maier. Hoping to find an instagram or two to file away for later.

*As of 11:45am

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