Quick update!


Okay, go go gadget blog post. Finally. Doing it. Noting the time, even: 1:41am. I’m not sure I’ve gone this long without posting before and it’s equally freeing and guiltifying. It’s been really tough to find reasons to post here, to be honest. And sometimes participating in the whole rest of the social media world totally usurps anything else I would’ve shared. It happens. I get over it and find myself back here. Hopefully you do as well!

In the meantime, I have been working on some extracurriculars though, with the likes of some awesomely talented people like Peculiar Bliss magazine and… Design Sponge! Really excited for the day when I can finally show off the fruits of these. And for photos, here’s some instagrams of my weekend inspiration trip to Milwaukee, ganked from my tumblr.

Annnnnd. Fin. More soon!

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